The World’s Smallest Portable Electric Wine Aerator!

The culture of “Decanting” has a history of hundreds of years. The wine require decanting to“breathe”and release the complexity of its full-bodied and multi-layered aroma. However, in real life, whenever we meet with friends, dining or go camping, we often turn open the wine but don’t have the time or patience to allow it to fully aerate, or when you pour the wine directly into the glass and drink it and feel the wine is very astringent. Therefore,

In 2013, the World’s First Electric Wine Aerator-Vinaera (MV6/MV62) was launched.

In 2018, we released the Vinaera PRO (MV7), The World’s First“Adjustable”Electric Wine Aerator.

In 2020, we released the Vinaera Travel, The World’s Smallest Portable Electric Aerator (MV63).

It is not only the world’s smallest aerator with a waterproof body but is also a perfect companion to bring along on gatherings and parties. Vinaera combines the traditional decanting technique with patented technology to bring about not only a revolution in aeration devices but also to support advances in red  wine culture.

Our Innovation

Vinaera Travel allows you to quickly and easily enjoy the full flavors of the wine of your choice

The effect is the same as the glass decanter

One touch Instant decanting

Carrying case

Easy to clean (Waterproof – IPX6)

The world’s smallest

Different colors for choice

Traditional Decanting Is A Hassle,
Now Vinaera Travel Makes It More Convenient For You!

Instantly aerate wine with no waiting times required, Enjoy wine outdoors and on gatherings with peace of mind!

Our innovative product addresses the problem of long decanting times to enjoy wine during gatherings or outdoor camping activities. The patented design of our “Integrated air pump with its solenoid valve” not only saves precious time, but also helped us create the world’s smallest and waterproof portable electric aerator.

With the simple pressing of a button, your wine of choice is instantly aerated, which immediately saves you up to 45-60 minutes of waiting time required for decanting with a traditional decanter. This decanting effect of Vinaera Travel is suitable for young wine between 3-7 years of age as well as 80% of red wine. Besides effectively promoting the oxidation of tannins in the wine, it also lowers the bitter and varied taste upon drinking, as it instantly opens up its aroma. People can enjoy the actual flavor of the aerated red wine. From now on, whether you are out for a gathering or consumers who do not know red wine can also enjoy drinking red wine in a simple and fast way.

Nearly All Red Wines Benefit From Decanting (Aeration)

According to international expert reviews: Decanting is suitable for all red wines and can help the wine deliver a better flavor.
Decanting time varies according to grape variety, production area, age, storage time in barrels and differences in terroir. In Europe, the red wine is usually opened 1 hour before the meal to let the red wine decanted. Most studies show that in general, young wine of around 3-7 years and more than 80% of red wine will require a decanting time of around 45-60mins using a traditional glass decanter.

If you wish to enjoy a red wine with full-bodied aroma, a mellow taste, complex layers and a lingering after-taste, the effect of aeration will be more obvious if you select red wines from grape varieties or growing regions with “strong tannins”. For example:Grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Nebbiolo, ontepulciano, Malbec, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Sagrantino; and growing regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Barolo, Barbaresco, Rioja, Jumilla, Napa and Chianti.


[ Venturi Effect ] + [ Solenoid Valve ] + [ Powered Pneumatic Process ]

Vinaera Uses a Patented Design to Force the Perfect Amount of Air Into the Wine!

This is a sophisticated, all new wine aerator which is
designed to serve the perfect amount of aerated wine
with the simple press of a button.


Aeration Effect is Equivalent to
Around 45-60 minutes in a Glass Decanter
Suitable for Use with 80% of Table Wines

Professional Sommelier’s Review

La Chapelle Wine Boutique- Founder : BRETT
US ISG L2 / UK WSET L4 Candidate

The general table wine decanting time is 45-60 minutes. The Vinaera
provides high speed aeration with the ideal mix of air and wine.
It’s instantly opens the full flavor profile of any wine.



AerationRelease Small
Amounts of
Fusel Alcohol
White Wine
White Wine
Distilled Liquor
Sparkling WineXXXXXXDon’t Use

* Most wine bottle mouths have an inner diameter of international standard (Inner diameter at 18.5mm). Few bottle mouths have a larger inner diameter that cannot be airtight, or a smaller inner diameter that does not fit installation, do not force installation on them in such cases.

* The wine aeration time and effect mentioned in this manual was obtained through testing by professionals with UK and US sommelier qualifications. Test results may vary depending on the sommelier and equipment.





DescriptionThe World’s First
Adjustable Electric Wine Aerator
The World’s First
Electric Wine Aerator
The World’s Smallest
Portable Electric Wine Aerator
Acrylic / Plastic AeratorGlass Decanter
ModelVinaera PRO (MV7)
Vinaera Classic (MV62)
Vinaera Travel (MV63)
*Funnel Style Aerator
*Aerator + Pouring
Glass Decanter
PrincipleVenturi Effect +
Adjustable Air Intake
Venturi Effect +
Powered Pneumatic Process
Venturi Effect +
Solenoid Valve +
Powered Pneumatic Process
Venturi Effect +
Natural Air Intake
Shake Manually +
Stand Still
MotorCustomized – Micro Water PumpCustomized – Micro Air PumpCustomized – Ultra-Micro Air PumpN/AN/A
Decanting Method *Wine Mixed with Air
(Same Effect as Decanter)
Wine Mixed with Air
(Same Effect as Decanter)
Wine Mixed with Air
(Same Effect as Decanter)
Wine Mixed with Air
(Same Effect as Decanter)
Wine Mixed with Air
Speed of AerationInstant (One Touch)Instant (One Touch)Instant (One Touch)Need to Wait A While!Need to Wait A While!
Save Decanting Time **The Effect is About Decanting
in a Decanter 0-180mins
(Suitable for 99% Red Wines)
The Effect is About Decanting
in a Decanter 45-60mins
(Suitable for 80% Red Wines)
The Effect is About Decanting
in a Decanter 45-60mins
(Suitable for 80% Red Wines)
The Effect is About Decanting
in a Decanter 10-20mins
(Suitable for Very Few Red Wines)
Single Mode /
Adjustable Aeration Level
Adjustable Aeration LevelSingle ModeSingle ModeN/AN/A
Suitable for Bottle Size0.75L/1.5L0.75L/1.5L0.75LN/AN/A
Drive ModeAAA 1.5V x 6AAA 1.5V x 6AAA 1.5V x 4Manual ModeManual Mode
The Bottles that can be used
continuously (New Batteries)
100 Bottles250 Bottles40 Bottles (Alkaline battery)N/AN/A
Clean MethodCycle CleaningCycle CleaningWaterproofWashableWashable (Fragile)
Water ResistanceMediumMedium○(IPX6)
Dispensing FunctionXX
Filter FunctionXXX
Product BaseXXX
Carrying CaseXXXX
Use SituationHome Use (Professional)Home Use (General Use)Party / Picnic / CampingN/AHome Use
Applicability liquorRed Wine / White Wine / Whisky
/ Brandy / Chinese White Wine
/ Other Distilled Liquor
Red Wine / White Wine / Some Whisky
& Brandy / Chinese White Wine
Other Distilled Liquor
Red Wine / White Wine / Some Whisky
& Brandy / Chinese White Wine
Other Distilled Liquor
Red Wine / White Wine
Red Wine / White Wine
Product Feature The World’s First Adjustable Aeration
Level Function, The wine is “instantly”
aerated at the press of a button
The World’s First Electric Wine
Aerator, The wine is “instantly”
aerated at the press of a button
The World’s Smallest, Waterproof
Portable Electric Wine Aerator
The Earliest Manual AeratorUniversal Decanter
RemarkN/AN/AN/ADecanting Effect is Limited,
The Wine Will Flow Out from
The Holes on Both Sides
Need to Wait A Long Time
for Decanting, The Glass is
Fragile During Cleaning

* There are strange ways in the market to make wine drink better through materials, electric fields, magnetism, far infrared rays, etc. Because it is not a natural oxidation decanting method (wine mixed with air) , it is not included in the above table。
** Aeration time and effect was obtained through testing by professionals with UK and US sommelier qualifications.
The test results may depend on different sommeliers and equipment.


Brand: Vinaera
Name:Vinaera Portable Electric Wine Aerator
Type or Model:Vinaera Travel – MV63(MV63W, MV63BK, MV63R, MV63B)
Brand Owner:Mercuries Asia Ltd.
Main Body: L95.5mm x W47.5mm x H109.5mm
Telescoping Stainless Tube : L127~265mm
Color / Finish:White, Black, Red, Blue / Glossy
Material:ABS, Silicone Rubber, Stainless, Pump, Solenoid Valve
Power / Voltage / Current : 1.8W / 6V / 300mA
Country of origin:Design in Taiwan / Made in China (Taiwanese owner factory)
Certification:RoHS, CE, JFSL, FCC, FDA (Food Safe), IPX6, GB4706.1 2005
This product can be used with 99% red wine bottles. (May not be compatible with
wine bottles that have unusual mouth diameters or shapes)
Patent:TW Pat.I339704、JP Pat.4758403、US Pat.7882986、EP Pat.2030943、
CN Pat.ZL200710130376.4、Others : Patent Pending
1. Do not press the Dispensing Button when using water to rinse the Aerator Body.
2. The decanting effect of Vinaera is the same as using a glass decanter, which is wine mixed with air.
3. Vinaera(MV63) is an air pressure injection structure. It must be airtight when the main body is installed on the bottle to enable dispensing during power on.
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