The World’s First Electric Wine Aerator!

You need only insert the aerator into the bottle,press the top button and voila! It will dispense fully aerated red wine. In seconds you can enjoy the complex aromas,full flavors and rich textures with a smooth,less acid finish in 45-60 minutes faster than a traditional glass decanter.

For spirits, the oxidation through large surface exposure to bubbles releases fusel alcohols, making them less spicy and bitter.

Vinaera is revolution in wine aeration.


[ Powered Pneumatic Process ] +
[ Venturi Effect ]

Vinaera Uses a Patented Design to Force the Perfect Amount of Air Into the Wine!

This is a sophisticated, all new wine aerator which is
designed to serve the perfect amount of aerated wine
with the simple press of a button.


Aeration Effect is Equivalent to
Around 45-60 minutes
in a Glass Decanter
Suitable for Use With Most Red Wines

Professional Sommelier’s Review

La Chapelle Wine Boutique- Founder : BRETT
US ISG L2 / UK WSET L4 Candidate

The general table wine decanting time is 45-60 minutes. The Vinaera
provides high speed aeration with the ideal mix of air and wine.
It’s instantly opens the full flavor profile of any wine.






ModelVinaera PRO (MV7) Vinaera Classic (MV62) Vinaera Original (MV6)Funnel Style Aerator
Aerator + Pouring
Traditional Glass Decanter
DescriptionThe World’s First Adjustable Electric Wine AeratorThe World’s First Electric Wine AeratorThe World’s First Electric Wine AeratorPlastic AeratorGlass Decanter
PrincipleVenturi Effect +
Adjustable Air Intake Mechanism
Venturi Effect +
Powered Pneumatic Process
Venturi Effect +
Powered Pneumatic Process
Venturi Effect +
Natural Air Intake
Using By Hand
Drive ModeBatteriesBatteriesBatteriesUsing By HandUsing By Hand
Aeration Effect Equate to Decanting Time in Glass DecanterAbout 0-180 Mins for 99% WinesAbout 60 Mins for 80%
Table Wines
About 60 Mins for 80%
Table Wines
About 10-20 minsN/A
Speed of AerationInstant(One Touch)Instant(One Touch)Instant(One Touch)Need to Wait for A Long Time!Need to Wait for A Long Time!
Adjustable Function for AerationN/AN/AN/AN/A
Suitable for Bottle Size0.75L/1.5L0.75L/1.5L0.75LN/AN/A
Clean MethodEasyEasyEasyEasyFragile
Applicability liquorRed Wine / White Wine
Red WineRed WineRed WineRed Wine
Product Base N/AN/AN/A

* Aeration time and effect was obtained through testing by professionals with UK and US sommelier qualifications.
* Test results may vary depending on the sommelier and equipment.


Brand: Vinaera
Name:Vinaera Electric Wine Aerator
Type or Model:Vinaera – MV62
Brand Owner:Mercuries Asia Ltd.
Main Body:L122 x W57 x H133mm
Telescoping Stainless Tube:140 ~ 325mm
Color / Finish:Champagne / Nickel Plating
Material:ABS, Silicone Rubber, Stainless, Pump
Power / Voltage:2.7W / 9V
Country of Original:Design in Taiwan / Made in China
Six AAA 1.5V batteries are good for more than 250 standard bottles of beverage.
This product can be used with 99% red wine bottles.
Certification:RoHS, CE, JFSL, FDA (Food Safe), GB4706.1 2005
Patent:TW Pat.I339704、JP Pat.4758403、US Pat.7882986、EP Pat.2030943、
CN Pat.ZL200710130376.4
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