2013, Director CHUNG YEH-YI established the wine accessories department and developed our own branded products Vinaera.

Vinaera is a compound word between French Vin (Wine) and Aerator (Device for introducing air). The principle of Vinaera electric wine aerator is to instant mixing wine with air to achieve wine decanting aspiration.

[Vin] +[Aerator] =  

Vin + Aerator =

Vinaera (sold under the Aervana brand in North America) unveiled the world’s first electric wine aerator(MV6/MV62) in 2014. In addition to winning the Red Dot Award “Best of the Best” in Germany, the wine aerator created our team triggered a consumer revolution worldwide.

Our patented design effectively reduces the bitterness and off flavors produced during the making of red wines, leaving only its true smooth texture and aroma. The value of the red wine is enhanced, and even the time-poor can now enjoy great wine with ease. This was how the Vinaera electric wine aerator came to join the global ranks of red wine aerators.

In 2014, We began working on a next-generation electric wine aerator. In 2018, After four years of hard work we launched The World’s First “Adjustable” Electric Wine Aerator (Vinaera PRO-MV7) that can completely replace the traditional glass decanter. Our effort has since been recognized with the Japan Good Design Award and the London International CREATIVE Competition Award、European Product Design Award Silver Prize、USA International Design Awards Gold Winner and Taiwan Excellence Silver Award. Our patented technology means consumers can adjust the air intake to select the aerated texture and flavor they prefer. They can also appreciate the true character of a red wine when it is aerated for different lengths of time. Consumers who aren’t wine connoisseurs can now enjoy the magic of red wine at last.


  1. The most popular electric wine aerator brand in the US.
  2. Received 11 international design awards (MV6 x6 / MV7 x7).
  3. The creator of the World’s First Electric Wine Aerator(MV6).
  4. The creator of the World’s First “Adjustable” Electric Wine Aerator(MV7).
  5. The Vinaera PRO(MV7) “Adjustable” Electric Wine Aerator is the only device in the world that can replace the decanter.
  6. By the end of 2018, thousands of people have tasted the product and we’re selling more than 25 countries, getting a
    hundreds of articles from the media report.



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