¿Qué Es La Aireación?

La mayoría de vinos tintos requieren aireación. El método tradicional de aireación es el decantado, es decir, verter vino tinto en un decantador. La completa exposición del vino tinto al aire acelera el suavizado (oxidación) de los taninos más amargos del vino y elimina los sabores no deseados causados por el largo tiempo de almacenaje. El suavizado de los taninos reduce el sabor amargo. El vino tinto se hace más suave, los sabores se enriquecen gradualmente y se libera el aroma del vino. Solo entonces se puede apreciar el verdadero carácter del vino tinto. Gracias al diseño patentado del Vinaera, el vino tinto se mezcla “instantáneamente” con grandes cantidades de aire y se airea totalmente con solo pulsar un botón. El Vinaera es el dispositivo de aireación más rápido y cómodo existente en la actualidad.

Concepto Básico De La Decantación

En Europa, las personas abren la botella de vino 1 hora antes de la comida, para esperar a que el vino tinto se abra y exhiba todos sus aromas y sabores.

Más del 80 % de los vinos de mesa o vinos jóvenes en el mercado tienen un tiempo de aireación de aproximadamente 45-60 minutos. Más del 90 % de los vinos en el mercado tienen un tiempo de aireación de entre 0-180 minutos.

La aireación es clave para despertar los aromas del vino tinto. Es el comienzo para disfrutar del sabor natural de una botella de vino tinto.

Tenga en cuenta que, si desea disfrutar un vino tinto con una aroma de cuerpo completo, un sabor agradable, capas complejas y un regusto persistente, el efecto de la aireación será más obvio si selecciona vinos tintos de variedades de uva o regiones vinícolas con “taninos fuertes”. Por ejemplo: Variedades como Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Nebbiolo, Montepulciano, Malbec, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Sagrantino; y regiones como Burdeos, Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Barolo, Barbaresco, Rioja, Jumilla, Napa y Chianti.

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1. What is design principle of Vinaera PRO(MV7)?

We use our exclusive patented combining < Adjustable Air Injection Process> to accelerate aeration through an air injection process and dispenses fully aerated wine directly from bottle to glass. It would achieve different aeration effects. Vinaera PRO is so fast, that’s what surprises you.

2. Why is Vinaera PRO(MV7) effective?

Vinaera PRO has obtained through testing by professional sommelier (with WSET L4 Candidate / ISG L2 qualification). In the 120 ° adjustment range, it’s from no air to lots of air mixing. The maximum aeration setting is equivalent to pouring wine into a decanter for 180 minutes. The effect is very obvious.

3. What is the difference between Vinaera PRO(MV7) and other plastic aerator on the market(non-electric)?

The traditional plastic aerators, the aeration level is only about 10-15 minutes in the glass decanter. The Vinaera PRO could mix with the air from no air to lots of air. The maximum aeration level is equivalent to pouring the red wine into the glass decanter for about 180mins. It is a device that can just push a button for aerating wine immediately.

4. What is the difference between Vinaera PRO(MV7) and Vinaera (the first generation)?

Vinaera is the world’s first electric wine aerator with the One Touch aeration mode. The aeration effect is equivalent to pouring the red wine into the glass decanter for about 45-60mins. Vinaera PRO is the world’s first [adjustable] electric wine aerator. The difference is that Vinaera PRO adds adjustable aeration function which is not available on the market. Otherwise, the telescoping tube design is suitable for 0.75/1.5L wine bottle and with wine filtering function.

5. What is the difference between the Vinaera PRO(MV7) electric wine aerator and other types of aerating on the market?

Vinaera PRO use the same concept as glass decanter. It is simply to increases the contact area between of the red wine and the air. It is the most natural aerating and the principle of our design. We hope that people can enjoy the aerated red wine effectively and correctly. This is different from the other types of aerating on the market: Magnetic, Metal, Negative ions, Far Infrared Ray, Electric field and so on.

6. There are other electric wine aerator on the market, and it is cheaper?

  • At present, the [adjustable] aerating function is our own patented technology, It’s no on the market.
  • We can see other electric wine aerator on the market which are [copying the structure of our first generation]. We are
    the manufacturer who is specializing in R&D and brand, and we have also won international awards. We would not have
    comments on the appearance or function of other copycats.

7. The aeration time for some wines will be more than 3 hours. Could the Vinaera PRO(MV7) adjust about it?

  • General consumers have many kind of the aerating way, bottle decanting, glass decanting, etc., Vinaera PRO is compare
    with the glass decanter (wide body), the aeration effect is equivalent to the glass decanter for 0-180 minutes. It’s suit
    able for more than 90% of the wines in the current market.
  • If your wine needs to aerate for more than 180 minutes with a glass decanter, Vinaera PRO can save you at least 180
  • Another way: use Vinaera PRO to pour red wine into another empty bottle… again and again, so you can aerate it for
    whatever long you want.

8. Which kind of red wines need to aerate?

The wines that need aerating are with the varieties or production areas of “thick tannins”. The effect will be more obvious E.g:
Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot, Nebbiolo,
Montepulciano, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Sagrantino, etc.
Wine regions: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Barolo, Barbaresco, Rioja, Jumilla, Napa, Chianti…etc.

9. Will the red wine be better after aerating?

The purpose of aerating is to soften the bitter tannins. When the tannins softened, the other flavors of the wine will be presented. Therefore, the aerating is to let you drink the true flavor of the red wine.

**If your wine is not rich in flavor, when it be aerated, the flavor of red wine would be truly presented. It’s whether better or not, it depends on the feelings of everyone~

10. Is Vinaera PRO(MV7) suitable for old wine?


Vinaera PRO is specifically for wine with heavier tannins. In some case, the tannins already soften in old wine. The efficacy for this product is the same as the aeration level in glass decanter for 0-180 minutes… It’s suitable for most wines that need to aerate.

11. Red wine is a slow-living culture. It express to let people enjoy it slowly. Does this product ignore this point?

For the people who understand red wine… They don’t care to spend a few hours to decant red wine with glass decanter (This is a life style). But face to this busy age, this instant aeration let you enjoy the full bouquet of your wine without the long wait of traditional decanting. If you have time, we certainly recommend using the glass decanter to enjoy it slowly as well.

12. Some bottle mouths have different lip shapes, Can Vinaera(MV7/MV62/MV6) commonly used for every type of bottle lip?

Yes. The mouth size of the wine bottle has an international standard, and the Vinaera PRO can be used for 99% red wine bottles (except for the special inner size and the unique shape of the bottles).

13. Some bottle and the heels (punts) are different heights. Can Vinaera PRO(MV7) be used with every heel type?

When you dispense wine with Vinaera PRO, there will remain about 50ml in the bottle around the heel that cannot be drawn up though the aerator because of different shape of bottle.

14. Can I use a 1.5L wine bottle?


The Vinaera (MV7/MV62) is designed with a three-section stainless telescoping tube that can be used in 0.75L / 1.5L red wine bottles.

15. Some wines contain sediment, is this going to effect the product’s operation?


Vinaera PRO(MV7) has the telescoping tube with filter design. It filters the sediment, tartaric acid, impurities and possibly cork debris from your red wine.

16. Is the product suitable for premium red wine?


However, we recommend that if you have the wines with tens thousands values or vintage years, and you have plenty of time, we recommend that you use a traditional glass decanter and spend hours to enjoy the full bouquet of your wine!!

17. If I couldn’t finish the wine. What can I do?

  • Although this product has a basic sealing effect, but it is not a wine preserver. To keep the quality of your wine, we
    recommend that you finish an opened bottle within 1-2 days.
  • Red wine preservation temperature is about 16 degrees. If you don’t finish it, you can just place it in winter. But in
    summer, we recommend to use wine stopper and put it in the refrigerator.

18. Is the product dishwasher safe?

No, it is not. Do not use the dishwasher to clean / dry.
Do not immerse the main body assembly in water to avoid the damage.

19. How do I care for and clean my Vinaera(MV7)?

Wash out your wine bottle with clean water and after rinsing, leave approximate 300ml of water in the bottle. Then install the Vinaera PRO(MV7) and press the button about 3 times for about 3-5 seconds each time to rinse the tube and spout (and confirm that the water inside the body has been flowed out), then remove the telescoping tube and pull out to wash. Wipe clean and dry and store in the base of the Vinaera PRO(MV7).

20. Is wine going to "go bad" or deteriorate faster when dispensed by Vinaera(MV7/MV62/MV6)?

Our patented design provides high speed aeration with the ideal mix of air and wine. It is the natural oxidation or the “opening up” process. It is the same process that occurs in a glass decanter, only accelerated by the forced mixing of air with your wine as it is dispensed to your glass.

21. Why does the flavor of wine becomes soft after using Vinaera(MV7/MV62/MV6) ?

  • Because Vinaera PRO has softened the bitter tannins, it tastes smoother, so you will feel the taste a bit lighter! This is
  • The un-aerated wine is with tannin is thicker (rich)…so you would feel the heavy taste. The aerated wine, it has soften
    the bitter tannin in some reds through oxidation and also release the full flavor, overtones, and aromas that are locked
    in the un-aerated wine.

22. Some wine experts (who has subjective think that red wine must use a glass decanter), does the Vinaera PRO(MV7) make sense for people who specialize in drinking red wine?

  1. The aeration time for most wines on the market is for 0-180 minutes. If your wine is in this aeration level, it is quite
    suitable to use Vinaera PRO.
  2. At present, New Age wine accounts for more than 80%. There is not much red wine that really needs to aerate for more
    than 180 minutes. Our design is to make it possible for most consumers to “fast” enjoy the red wine in a busy age.
  3. It is like people who drink traditional Chinese tea. They feel that the tea in the convenience store (CVS) is not good,
    but the tea sold by CVS is the most convenient for consumers; it is also like the Europeans enjoy Espresso as
    slowly-liviing culture. In the United States, it became a brand chain coffee shop, providing good coffee to consumer
  • We understand that Vinaera PRO is a revolution and a challenge for wine culture. To face the current busy lifestyles
    around the world, our products are effective for instant aerating and bringing convenience to people.

23. There is some bubbles in the wine right after using Vinaera(MV7/MV62/MV6).

This is normal. After about 15 seconds, the bubbles will naturally disappear. If the bubbles didn’t disappear, it is possible that your red wine is mixed with water.

24. Will the wine be over aerated with an electric win aerator?

  • If your wine don’t need to aerate, turn the control knob to (-). At this position, Vinaera PRO won’t inject air. It will
    become a convenient dispenser. It also can open the aroma in the wine effectively through high-speed flowing.
  • If the mixed air is too much to cause the wine over aerated, the taste will have a slight acetic acid taste. Just adjust the
    knob to (-) counterclockwise to find the desired aeration level.

25. Does Vinaera(MV7/MV62/MV6) have a preservation function?

It has basic preservation function for about 2-3 days… But be careful: the red wine storage temperature is 16-18° C. If the room temperature is high, we recommend to use the wine stopper and then put it in the refrigerator.

26. Is there a quantitative function for wine?

Most of the quantitative wines are used in commercial applications. The original development of this product is not a consideration of the commercial environment, so there is no this function.

27. I drink cheap wine, do I still need to aerate?

In Europe, the “table wine” is poured into the glass decanter in 60 minutes before the meal, and the wine is awaked up when dining. There may be such a statement in some countries, probably the table wine has less tastes, so no need to aerate! But in fact, the cheap wine has tannins, and you can really feel the flavor of this wine after you aerating. Using Vinaera(MV7/MV62/MV6) to the table wine, we believe the effect will be quite good!

28. Will there be any residual taste after using this product?

Vinaera(MV7/MV62/MV6) is the same as general food equipment. After use, just flush out the piping with clean water. If you want to improve the cleaning effect of flushing with water, add a little lemon juice or vinegar to the rinsing water in the bottle.

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