We launched the world’s first electric wine aerator in the beginning of 2014.
We received Red Dot Award 2014 “Best of the Best” also became a favorite worldwide.
This is the revolution in wine aeration which created by our team.

We launch < The world’s first adjustable electric wine aerator> in 2017.
The patented design can let consumer adjust the volume for air injection to decide aeration flavor and taste.
Also experience the different aeration taste and the wine value. This let the consumer who doesn't understand wine but also can easily enjoy the full bouquet of their wine.
This is the most effective, convenient, fastest equipment in the world.


The world’s first adjustable electric wine aerator - MV7


Because of the different terroir and production process of wine
so it has different aeration times. It combines<Venturi Effect>
and patented <Adjustable Air Injection Process>,
consumer can adjust the volume for air injection to decide the breathing taste.

Vinaera(Aervana)adjustable electric wine aerator can have 120°adjustment. Professional sommelier tested that it can adjust from no air aeration to lots of air aeration. The highest effect, the exposure of the wine to bubble surface is around 180 mins with the Vinaera(Aervana)product than a glass decanter. It is suitable for most of red wine and white wine.

The world’s first electric wine aerator - MV6

Aerating by pouring a wine into a traditional decanter bottle
requires 45-60mins to achieve the full effect.
Vineara accelerates aeration through a patented air injection process and dispenses fully aerated wine directly from
bottle to glass with the touch of a button.

Vinaera is the world's first electronic wine & spirit aerator.
It has the capacity to dispense fully aerated wine or spirits at 1 ounce(28.5ml)every 2 seconds .
Due to the pneumatic operating method, the exposure of the wine to bubble surface is 6 times greater with the Vinaera product than a funnel style aerator.

The patented design of Vinaera injects air into the stream of wine pushed from the bottle through the dispenser spout. This air injection more effectively and quickly releases the flavors and aromas of wine, and helps oxidize and soften the natural tannins in wine. For spirits, the oxidation through large surface exposure to bubbles releases fusel alcohols and make the spirit less “spicy” and bitter.

Vinaera is sold under the name Aervana in USA.

Vinaera electric aerators is protected by international patents:

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